Refunds & Rules

Refunds & Reservation Rules

There is a $10 fee for changing dates or switching sites. No partial cancellations (reduction in days) permitted on week-long bookings reserved during the advance booking window.

View 'Determining Grounds for a Refund' below for more details. 

Reservations are held until 11:00 am of the day after the scheduled arrival date. If you do not notify the park of a late arrival, your reservation will be cancelled, payment forfeited and the park operator will give the site to another visitor.

Reservations are not transferable. Any reservation holders found to be transferring or selling their reservations to another party, risk their reservation being cancelled without a refund. If a customer can no longer use their reservation, they are encouraged to cancel it so that any unused camping fees that are not forfeited as a penalty, can be refunded to the credit card that was used to make the original reservation.

Campground Rules


Check in is 1:00 pm & check out is 11:00 am. All campers must arrive prior to 10:00 pm.


Group Size

Maximum campsite occupancy is six (max 4 adults)

Maximum double campsite occupancy is 12 (max 8 adults)

Maximum group site occupancy is 30

Some sites are small and may not be large enough to accommodate this maximum size.

Quiet Time

Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 8:00 am. Camp Hosts will be strictly enforcing quiet time and can be reached by phone or text at 778-992-0238 between 6:00 pm and 8:00 am.

Generator use is permitted between 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. No amplified music at any time.


We are all responsible for creating a fair, safe and enjoyable space. Management will ask anyone violating our environment of mutual respect to leave.


Campfires must be in the fire ring & attended at all times. Do not move fire rings ($50 fine). Cutting or removal of trees/branches is not permitted. Firewood is available for purchase at the office.


Dogs must be leashed at all times. Dogs are NOT permitted on the main beach.

Be Bear (& Mice) Aware

To avoid potential problems with wildlife, lock your food in your vehicle whenever you are asleep or not at your campsite.

Alcohol & Cannabis

Liquor & cannabis consumption is prohibited anywhere in the park, with the exception of your campsite. Rowdiness is not tolerated.


Please park in public parking lots. Gates close at 10:00 pm and visitors must leave by 11:00 pm.

After Hours

Park staff are on-site 24/7 and can be reached after-hours at 778-992-0238. Dial 911 for emergencies.

Public Beach

The public beach and playground is unsupervised, swim and play at your own risk.

Boat Launch

The boat launch is open 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and boat launch passes must be purchased at the office before launching. Overnight/day dock moorage is prohibited. Limited overnight trailer parking is available in the main public parking lot on a first-come first-serve basis, please check-in with the office before parking your vehicle and trailer overnight.


If you are sick or required to self-isolate, please visit another time. Visitors are expected to follow all COVID-19 recommendations. Visitors should bring their own hand sanitizer and are asked to practice appropriate hygiene.



Management reserves the right to refuse anyone. Management will not be held responsible for any accidents, injuries, loss or damages due to fire, theft, accident or act of God. 

Failure to abide by to these rules could result in being asked to leave the park without refund. Campers are responsible for ensuring their guests follow these rules.


Refunds are not given for:

  • Eviction: If you are asked to leave your site due to non-compliance with campground rules, you will not receive a refund.

  • Wildlife: The presence or interactions with any kind of wildlife (insects, bears, squirrel, raccoons, etc.), even if the wildlife damages or destroys personal property, are not grounds for a refund. The one exception is if the park is closed or park visitors are advised to stay away due to safety reasons (cougar, problem bear, wolf, etc.). This notice would be posted on Cumberland Lake Park  website and in the park.

  • Weather & ambient conditions: No refunds will be considered for inclement weather (cold, rain, hail, snow, heat, flooding, etc.), even if extreme weather warnings are issued. Ambient conditions (such as the presence of smoke, or adjacent wildfires) will not be grounds for a refund unless the conditions prevent access to the park or there is a declared state of emergency. Customers should check Cumberland Lake Park website for updates in relation to this (if no updates are present, assume the park is open and accepting reservations).

  • Park conditions: Requests for refunds related to in-park conditions are not considered.

  • Leaving early: Vacating your campsite early is not grounds for a refund.

  • General illness and pre-existing conditions: If someone in the camping party gets ill but does not require medical assistance (see Medical below) or if there are common or expected conditions in the park that trigger an existing condition (i.e., allergic to bees and stung in park, or campfire smoke triggers asthma attack, etc.) would not be considered grounds for a refund.

  • Errors making a reservation: Refunds will not be granted for errors that customers make on their reservations.

  • Vehicle breakdown/ issues related to equipment: No refunds will be given for vehicle breakdowns, problems related to vehicles or equipment failure.

  • Change of plans: A change of plans, including but not limited to getting called into work or if child care or pet care arrangements fall through.


Grounds for refund:

  • Incorrect charges: Occasionally the reservation system experiences technical problems which may result in incorrect charges. Refunds will be considered for customers who are incorrectly charged. The refund will only be for the difference between what they were charged and the correct amount owing.

  • Park conditions that prevent access or cause evacuations: Refunds would only be considered if customers are unable to enter/approach a park because of emergencies such as road closure or/and natural disaster or if an evacuation is ordered. In such cases, the onus is on the visitor to check Cumberland Lake Park website for updates.

  • Medical: CLWS will only consider issuing refunds for serious medical reasons that prevent customers from honouring their reservation. Applications for medical refunds require a doctor’s note or proof that a member of the camping party was seriously injured or admitted to the hospital. The reservation owner must still try to cancel the reservation if at all possible.

  • Death of immediate family member: CLWS will consider refunding forfeited user fees if there is a death in the immediate family. CLWS still requires that the customer will do their best to cancel their reservation so that other customers can access the inventory. 

  • Serious motor vehicle accident: If the reservation holder or a member of the camping party is involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that prevents them from honouring their reservation, a refund will be considered.